The software development lifecycle contains many stages. Do you want to develop MVPs and prototypes, move your projects forward more quickly, reinforce your teams with specialist capability, develop ancillary products, troubleshoot a situation, or train your internal teams?  Furthermore, do you need an in-house application, web or mobile apps, or a SaaS/PaaS model?

UKR has software teams with the expertise to allow your organisation to implement high quality software platforms and solutions in a cost efficient way.

From tried and tested approaches, combined with innovative advances in delivery, UKR delivers assistance in any or all of the stages in a software development life cycle.

Outsourcing of software development to UKR allows you to run your business, while leveraging our experts to deliver the highest quality software for your needs.  The UKR software teams can advise and collaborate on continuous improvements or customisation of your existing software, development of new platforms or digital transformation initiatives.

UKR Software Development Engagement Models

Team Expansion

Your team is expanded with UKR developers working alongside your internal team and delivering agreed outcomes as part of your overall software project.  This allows you to fill resource gaps in your project.

Dedicated Team

An autonomous UKR team with a dedicated manager/leader helps to cover a part of your project. Regular reports help you stay up to date.  You will benefit from expanding your existing capacity and reducing your management effort.

Complete Outsourcing

UKR takes full responsibility for the project and all associated risks. You concentrate on your core business activities, benefit from optimised development processes and have a predictable and manageable cost model as well as comprehensive SLAs.

Expert Consultation

Every member of UKR consulting and our network of technology and consulting alliance partners is an experienced professional who brings distinct strengths to the company.

We deliver as a team to ensure that your needs are met with the skills required to succeed.

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