The possibilities offered by digital transformation are real opportunities for organisations. The integration of new communication technologies and data structures have enabled a new approach to innovation, improved customer experience, furthered productivity gains, and improved quality.

Our expertise in software methodology and data structuring enables us to propose innovative solutions whatever the field of application, to develop effective digital transformation strategies and to implement solutions that meet your needs at competitive costs.

Cloud Services

In any transformation to a cloud computing model, an organisation must follow a series of steps:

Analyse what we have and what we will have: What is our current situation, what are the needs that we will have to cover, what do we have marked in our systems plan, what are the guidelines of our organisational strategic plan? All this will allow you to know where your organisation is currently on its transformation journey, the objectives to be set, and the commitments to be fulfilled.

Prioritise the services to be transferred to Cloud solutions.  The prioritisation may be based on global criteria related to the value provided – the benefits of migrating the service to the cloud and the effort involved. As a result, a prioritisation matrix is the outcome that sets out the roadmap to follow in the transition.

Design Roadmap: once the services have been prioritised, an implementation strategy and structured planning of short, medium and long-term migrations are established. They may start with those with high value and low effort.

UKR helps define organisational roadmaps according to business characteristics, services, strategic plan, desired business outcomes etc.  Your organisation is unique and so are your cloud architecture needs, UKR can determine whether some resources need to remain in traditional models, perhaps until the experience is gained within the organisation and sufficient trust is built up.

Whether it’s design and architecture, devops, infrastructure or engineering expertise, UKR can help along every step of your journey.

Enterprise Data Management

Data is the source of business value, sometimes referred to as the new “black gold”. UKR helps to optimise an organisations data management by establishing the foundations for good data governance, frameworks and enablement.

How do you strike the right balance between value and cost, opportunities, risks and liabilities related to data – especially when considering your people, processes, business values and IT issues?

Thanks to our combined experience in consulting and development, UKR is an independent facilitator who helps you reconcile business and technological challenges, identify your company’s data needs and respond to them pragmatically.

UKR supports you from the definition of your data strategy to the development and implementation of your data projects.

Our data experts can help you:

  1. Define and initiate a data management strategy, assessing your data management maturity model, identifying strategic issues and designing the appropriate response to them;
  2. Prepare your strategic data management projects, assess their foundations and highlight their organisational impact, particularly those related to data governance.
  3. UKR can also advise on technical solutions or support you in the evaluation of tools and technologies. Depending on the project’s needs, our team can contribute their expertise in enterprise content management, data ethics, cyber-risk or compliance management (e.g. data privacy laws), data storage, business intelligence, data science and application and data architecture.
  4. Build your data management teams’ competence through best practice knowledge transfer and coaching in data architecture, data analysis, data modelling, data security, data quality, and database management.

UKR assists in the implementation of good data governance. This ensures that you optimise local and global interests, both short and long term, in strategy, investment or policy decisions related to data management. UKR can establish the necessary transparency relating to your data and provide stakeholders with the required decision making information around the balance between value and cost, opportunities, risks, and responsibilities in your data decisions.

Data Analytics

Driving business decisions from the insights gained through your data will take your organisation to the next level.  This is where data analytics comes into its own.

UKR helps leaders looking to gain competitive advantage for their organisations and to improve their operational process efficiencies by and through their data. Our analytics consulting capabilities are design-led and framework-based, which reduce time to delivery and improve accuracy and impact of the outcomes. Unlike solely technology-led solutions, our services combine both strategic advisory and technology to align business needs with proven and emerging solutions that drive targeted business outcomes.

UKR has some of the brightest and best analytical, modelling and data science specialists to ensure you gain maximum leverage from your data.

Project/Programme Leadership

Energising Organisational Performance Through Project Management Excellence.

We aspire to be your “go to” project management and strategy execution partner. We are passionate about applying integrated, innovative solutions to our clients’ strategic organisational missions using dynamic and diverse talent.

UKR project and programme management professionals are skilled in scoping out how existing resources can meet and surpass the demands of the project, guiding and coaching along the way.

Expert Consultation

Every member of UKR consulting and our network of technology and consulting alliance partners is an experienced professional who brings distinct strengths to the company.

We deliver as a team to ensure that your needs are met with the skills required to succeed.

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